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Welcome to our website


The Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana would like to thank you for visiting. We are a Native
American Indian tribal organization.  The Council and tribal members consist of a majority of
proven Indian lineage.  We are registered as a non-profit which enables us to operate legally
throughout the United States to pursue our objectives through entitlement's, grants etc.  
The Tribal Council has worked for the past several years and are still working vigorously
today with State and local governments and other Native and Tribal organizations to
advance all Native American Indian endeavors in our modern world today.  As the Wea
Native American Indian descendants, we are also pursuing the rights that were and still
remains our Ancestors Legacy to their future generations. We've had to persevere through
many challenges, which has prepared us to stay together and strong.  We are and will
continue to carry on this Legacy on all levels while adhering to our Ancestors Spirit, Honor,
Traditions and Culture.  Our Ancestors native land is here in Indiana, as is our own.  
This site is dedicated to our Ancestors, for our Present and the Future
generations to come.